Wednesday, August 11, 2010


did I made the right decision? y my heart still bleeds?
all I want is to c u to be more motivative , n show me some outcomes that u really tried.
please dont blame on yr parents no more, u can actually earn yr own money yrself.
i know its gonna be tired and exhausted. but u know i've been by yr side for 3yrs.
all the complains that i've heard, if u have the heart to do it, im sure u'll go through it. but u're always the one who gives up so easily.
y u just cant proved that im wrong? saying that u'll be the one for me. or even urself dont have the confidence in it?
i dont really remember since when i started to feel insecure
mayb we're really from a different world.
heard lots of rumors. i've ignored every of them, cause I believe as long as we're in love, we can solve every single problem. but it seems like it doesnt really work.
the more i worry, the more fear i have

Future aint easy, i dont really know is this the right time for this stage to think bout it.
but i know its a cruel thing, its tearing us apart!

please, prove to me, that you're really something that i can trust on
i nvr say this in public, but i really love u : (

Monday, May 17, 2010


tomorrow, will i choose for going lecture or DIM SUM??

my pity blog has been seh gor for quite a long time

life in Perth = partay, assignments, eat, sleep, on9. n its a routine. nothing much actually

n recently i found that i had fall in love with the food here.

Gain 2 kgs in 2 nights x_______________X

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Germs SHUU!

SICK! now is like 5 FIVE in the morning n im still here browsing through ones's profiles n albums.

cough non-stop. lets pray together that i'll get well soon ^^

SAD face

miss u n u n u n u

Monday, February 22, 2010

BACK to the 'have to do everything myself' place

say BUH BYE to parties, dates, holidays, kakak & FUN!

my babes n dudes sent me off, twice? hahha
complicated explanation,
but luckily i didnt go off for the 1st time
cause i saw the guy who was supposed to delay his flight but he didnt,
n guess what i saw him, in the same plane v me (prosponed plane)

haha. I bet he couldnt make it for the 1st one ;p

thx ama n ah yiew for fetching me to airport ^^
I was really daring. yesterday, took 1hour journey of bus to KL Central, i saw no buiding while im in the bus, WTH*  
met ama n eat XIU GAI YEK. haha
I thought I had a lot of time, but actually 扣扣mai mai, we were really rush at the end
parents were panic like hell, oops sorry!
but finally I still made it, thx to ah yiew's driving technique. =D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Mel, take care.
hope u like the perfume ^^

this Sat is my turn to airport

photos will be uploaded when i get to perth
so.. please beware
wakaakakaka *evil grin*

Friday, January 22, 2010

They Reminded me of U

we never look back

own social life, own style & own partner


they reminded me of u

some scenes kept on flipping through my mind just now

the way u showed me your gina pretentious pouting

i never get to c that again

its just a memory now

but we still miss u somehow

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i see people passed through me, some stopped but some went on

i see people around me, changing but they moved on

i see u, beside me, and its still YOU, Mr. Bit

n its glad to be YOU <3

P.S : to the ones that i love, u know who u are
no matter what u all have to go through, this is called life
the pain will slowly fade away which it depends on time
longer or shorter
and finally u'll still be u, standing
so y dont you just stand with joy n laughters
i know u can do it
my dearest ama n mak

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am so BROKE now

Friday, December 18, 2009

grandmama's 85th Birthday

just came out from my shower
i just wish that i can stay in there longer

tonight is my grandmama's     85th birthday dinner but
i don't know what to wear!

yesh! my mom finally made up her mind
agree to straighten your hair!!!!!

i still dont know i wana go for my hair-doing anot
perm? or tie up? or....

TMR another new day

i miss u
hows your 2 days life without me?

siao liao wa

hmmm today had a great day v my girls huiying, jade, szenee, chat, weichieh & nabi
 *photos will be uploaded in facebook*